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Prepping for: Zombie Apocalypse

Welp, it’s official. I am running my first 5k. Since I have always vehemently opposed “running” as a “hobby” it would take something totally ridiculous and once-in-a-lifetime to get me to sign up for an organized race. Enter: Run For Your Lives. A Zombie-Infested, 5K obstacle course.

Yes, you heard me right. No, I’m not running a fever. Yes, this is the coolest thing you’ve ever seen.

This August the friends and I will be road-tripping to good old St Louis, MO for 1 part 5k, 1 part obstacle course, 1 part escaping the clutches of brain-eating zombies, and all parts awesome. So it looks like the roomies and I have some training to do.

Plus what better summer-workout motivation is there than “not getting eaten” in August?

Happy Leap Day everyone!!




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Obsession Du Jour: Cinemagraphs

I came across these fascinating little gifs today when I was reading the blog of one of my favorite artists, Leigh Viner. Brainchild of the well known photography duo, Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, these moving moments in time have had me glued all day. See more of their enchanting Cinemagraphs here.


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How Pinterest-ing!

It’s official, I’m in an another addictive relationship with a website. I cannot get enough of Pinterest! I have literally found hundreds of great ideas and inspiration in a matter of days and now I’m like a monster for DIY.

Cut to me in 3 weeks, glitter in my hair, glue on my clothes and a special on TLC “Crafters. When DIY becomes D I E”

It’s true though, now all I want is a bajillion houses to decorate, boxes and boxes of specialty art supplies, and power tools, seriously. I am actually considering buying a drill. This shit is getting surriouss.

ANYWAYS! Follow Samantha Says on Pinterest here to see my latest inspirations and ever-expanding to-do list of DIY goodness. Have a great weekend!

xoxo, ss

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T is for Teamwork!

I am super excited to announce to you all that Samantha Says is officially a member of the up-and-coming Chicago Blogger Network! What WHAAAT! Click here to follow the hip happenings of the CBN and then take a brief dance break to celebrate this day-making development! That is all.


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Besherit, the Hebrew expression for “meant to be” is my word of 2012.

My mom hates when I use it because “we’re not Jewish,” but the chosen people really nailed this one so I’m giving credit where credit is due. I’m calling it my “word of 2012” because instead of making resolutions only to break them a week later (I’m looking at you 1 yr old yoga ball and free weights), I’ve decided instead that 2012 should have a theme, a motif, a motto if you will, and that motto is to embrace the besherit.

Lately, it has come to my attention that I spend far too much time predicting, planning and questioning the future. Where will I live, where will I work and why on earth isn’t it all happening right now? A practice that is nothing more than a frustrating exercise in futility, for, through some recent reflection, I have realized that the best things that have happened in my life were anything but planned. Sure there’s been a general path I’ve followed- highschool, college, job, etc.- but all of the truly great opportunities I’ve had, decisions I’ve made and experiences I’ve accumulated have been the result of good timing, good luck and gut feeling.

For example, Mizzou was the only university I visited, I moved into the first studio I looked at in Chicago, and not getting accepted into the sorority I thought I wanted led me to my best friends today. All uncharted, unexpected or un-fretted over, and all for the absolute best.

It turns out there’s a reason we have the expression, “better than I could have imagined,” because we aren’t supposed to see the best things coming. At least not in perfect 20/20. While all the worrying, planning and predicting comes from a good place- a place of wanting the best and trying to avoid regret- even the best laid plans will never be able to trump what’s meant to be.

Not to mention, if you spend all day trying to spot the next best thing coming, there’s a good chance you’ll miss all of the already-great things around you. And that’s something to regret.

So even though it’s hard to let go, give yourself a break. Have a little patience and embrace the besherit. You may just find something you didn’t even know you were looking for. Here’s to a year of unexpected adventures.

xoxo, SS


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Picking Yourself Up

Do you ever have those days weeks, where everything feels like a chore? When you have to talk yourself into just putting your feet on the floor in the morning? Well intended friends and family will tell you how to fix a situation like this, you just need to get to the core of the problem. They’ll tell you that if you can identify what it is that’s got you in a funk, that’s half the battle. …Not exactly

In my experience, the task of fixing whatever’s got you in said funk is a lot harder than simply changing how you feel about it. The first and easiest thing to alter is your own perception of things. Decide to be in a good mood, and eventually you will be. Sure, you might have to fake it ’til you make it for a while. But putting on happy music and slapping on a smile is a lot easier than making a massive life change, and there’s a lot less pressure involved. So, at least for today, don’t give another thought to whatever’s got you down. Instead, do like Samantha does and have a piece of cake for breakfast. It’s bound to change something, right?

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The Learning Channel

Lately Roomie #2 and I have developed an unhealthy obsession with TLC. You know, The “learning” channel? Or as I like to call it, BCTV -Birth Control Television. It only takes a few minutes of those Dugger people to make me want to opt out of a uterus all together. If I wanted a farm of people to work for me I’d pay them, not make them.

Enough Said.

Right now, our DVR is full of winners like All American Muslim, Hoarding: Buried Alive- it’s a classic– and our newest fave… Extreme Couponing. Seriously, have you seen this show? The couponers get so much for free that they build “stockpiles” of food and supplies, some big enough to support entire neighborhoods. We get it, you like getting shit for free, but we at the apartment are of the mindset that stockpiling something you don’t need, just because it’s free is gross. Single, child-less lady couponing for diapers, we’re lookin’ at you girl.  Although we’d probably be wayyy more interested if they were couponing for Crocodile Birkins. #differentstrokes

Hey guys, come look at all this stuff I can’t afford!

So in the spirit of the ever-educational “Learning Channel” here are a few gems of knowledge we’ve gleaned from our obsessive television consumption…

1. Extreme Couponers should really be titled “Hoarders: Before They Lose Control.”  We’ll see you in 5 years ladies.

2. The “sacrifices” that the moms on Toddlers&Tiaras make for their daughters are completely relatable. A new pageant dress or a visit to the dentist?? That one gets me every time too.

3.  All I want for Christmas is a tour of the props department on “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.”  Walls and walls of fake fetuses in toilets.

4. Polygamy on HBO = fabulous. Polygamy on TLC = stretchmarks. Apparently mormons don’t partake in Cocoa Butter either.

Happy Tuesday Friends

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