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I love love.

Hi friends- I know it’s been a while but I thought in honor of V-day I’d bring back one of my favorite posts from a few years ago to help everyone keep the real meaning of Valentines Day in mind. xoxo, SS

Little known fact, Valentine’s Day is my second favorite holiday. I know what you’re thinking… what a sap, but if you really think about it, Valentine’s Day should be everyone’s favorite holiday! I hear you, bitter heartbroken women of the world, who have been crushed or let down in the past…NEWSFLASH: we’ve all been there! Everyone has trusted their heart to the wrong person before. It’s part of the human experience. But the truth is, whether you’re in love, out of love, looking for love or avoiding the hell out of it- love is out there and when it’s your time, you’re toast. Most of us wouldn’t be here without it and there’s no running from it. And if that doesn’t deserve respect, I don’t know what does.

The way I see it, you have a choice to make (you aforementioned bitter single women of the world). This Valentine’s Day you can dwell on the fact that you’re not “in love” with someone…or you can appreciate all of the wonderful things and people in this world that you do love. So what’s it gonna be? Do you want to be bitter and let a silly day on the calendar get you down? Or are you going to open your eyes to all the things in your life that love has brought you? Look at the love you have for your friends and your family. Look at the love between your parents or your grandparents…whether you like it or not, love is in your life. Don’t even try to tell me that you don’t love a particular pair of pumps in your closet, or a special piece of jewelry.

With that in mind, I say you take this day to appreciate all the little loves in your life. Because even if you haven’t found the love yet, at least you know it’s out there and you have living proof all around you. Now that seems like something celebrate…



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Use The Force

If you could make one thing happen with your mind today, what would it be? Besides making a red velvet cupcake materialize on your desk, of course. That’s a given.


I seriously believe that if we as humans had occasional use of the force, life would just be better. You know those times when there’s something(s) weighing so heavily on your mind that you can’t focus on anything else? For instance, if Roomie #2 could will a “50 cm olive Birkin with purple suede interior, leather lock and palladium hardware” into his hot little hand, he’d probably spend a lot less time lusting after them online and a lot more time doing work. While my own “force” worthy thoughts today are more personal than sartorial, they are every bit as distracting.

If I could will a certain new guy to text me and a certain email to arrive (FINALLY) -today would be far less self destructive more productive. I know, I’m being a total girl. Think what you will and judge if you must, but it’s the truth. And the worst part is that, while said email is far more important in the grand scheme of my life, I’d still take the text first and probably instantly forget all about the email.

This is what happens to me at the Holidays. Some people get a new purse from their parents or a years worth of socks from their grandma, but every year at Christmastime, I open up a big box of B.S.Crazy puppy love. I can’t help it. After some diligent sleuthing, I’ve boiled it down to what must be a lethal combination of cold weather, sentimental movies and pretty lights, but identifying my symptoms thus far has done little to assuage them. It also doesn’t help that I watched “Going the Distance” with Roomie #1 last night. A sweet romcom with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long about a couple that falls in love and tries to navigate a long distance relationship. Or as I like to call it,

Emotional Terrorism.

The movie was super relatable and their chemistry was great. So great in fact that their sad little love story had the two of us ugly-crying on the couch and spouting things like “It’s not fair! A love like their’s deserves better!” …really? This could have been a true story about finding love in refugee camp and I still wouldn’t have expected that gem to leap out of my mouth.

But, ridiculous as it may be, I have resigned myself to the fact that the Holidays can make everyone a little love-sick. It probably doesn’t help when a certain new guy, a really funny, cute guy starts making unexpected recurring appearances in the romcom of your life and has nearly blown your calculated and cool “bro” exterior, either. (More to come on that later.)

Sure I could try to ignore it, put my phone away and hunker into some thrilling press release, but let’s be real, that has an icicle’s chance in hell of happening. I’ll be here, working on my Jedi skills and willing my iPhone to ding… if only I could find a red velvet cupcake.

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wtf halloween?

Oh hey there Halloween! When did you get here? Better question, where the eff do you get off? Yeah you heard me, you smug holiday chameleon. Why is it that every year you seem to think you’re a bigger and better holiday than you were the year before? Running around, all hopped up on pixie stix, like you own the place. Someone needs an attitude check.

When I was in elementary school, your sole purpose was to let kids dress up as their favorite character and eat as much candy as possible. Those were the good old days. Clicking down the street in home-made ruby slippers, leaving a trail of red glitter like Hansel and Gretel’s disco tranny cousin, and sorting out the candy that could be opened and re-closed since it was “probably poisoned.” Thank you mom for that crucial life lesson- everyone knows that Tootsie Rolls are nothing more than a vehicle for neighborhood-kid-killing poison.

Then before I knew it Halloween wasn’t about candy anymore, it was about a “candy” of the Mandy-Moore-song variety. Bam! 8th grade hit and from what I could tell the most popular costume was “Statutory Rape Bait.”  To this day I don’t understand how girls in my class made it out of the house dressed like they did for Halloween. My parents would have had a kanipsh.

Now in my early 20’s, it seems like my options for a costume are  depressingly limited. Unless I make something from scratch- I basically have a choice between “Slutty [insert blue collar job here]”  or a Giant M&M. Awesome. What’s doubly awesome, is that thanks to this plethora of costumes to pick from, the Halloween-powers-that-be have unwittingly divided all women in America into 4 categories:

1. a young slut

2. a mom, a spinster or fat

3. a mom/spinster or fatty that still tries to fit into the costumes meant for group one 

4. Young, non-repulsive girls that don’t want to walk around in their underwear, yet don’t want to wear the giant M&M costume, ala group 2.

All my ladies in group #4 can I get an effing AMEN?! Every year, I find myself searching for the elusive “fourth group costume” to no avail.  So here’s to all the girls repping the 4th group as Robots, Giant Pieces of Bacon and Grapes. Sure we slaved over our glue guns and sewing machines for hours just to look like a kindergartner’s art box exploded on our AmericanApparel tank and leggings – but it’s sure as hell better than a slutty cop.

Happy Halloween

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I wanna rock your gypsy soul

Listening to: “Into The Mystic” -Van Morrison

The rain clouds have finally parted over the skyline of Chicago revealing a sunny city, sizzling with the changing autumn leaves. For the first time, it feels like the midwest fall I know and love. If you’ve ever lived in a midwestern city like Chicago, you know that every season has a distinct energy -or lack of... ugh “spring,” how we love pretending you exist. 

Every year, when May rolls around and the sidewalks, bike paths and beaches fill with people and their uncanny amount of pets –seriously where do you people keep your farm of dogs all winter?– it seems as though the city has never felt more alive. And then October comes. Reluctant to let go of yet another amazing Chicago summer, but even more determined not to waste a second of tolerable weather before the inevitable hell of winter, you can count on Chicagoans to make the most of fall. I love seeing the college colors rolled out at every bar in Lincoln Park, drinking coffee as it was meant to be drank- hot, and having to check the weather before grabbing a jacket. But what I love most about this change of seasons, is compiling the motherload of fall playlists. Normally I would do this myself, but a friend of mine created an Autumn playlist on Spotify that is just too good to mess with.  And you lucky ducks can download it here! I’ve had Van Morrison’s Into The Mystic on repeat for days while I sip skinny caramel lattes and try not to spill on my favorite scarves. TGIFall.


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My mom is still my valentine <3

It’s no secret that I love Valentine’s Day (seen here) but with work and a new apartment to keep up with this year, I ran out of time to make my signature Valentine’s Fortune Cookies. So admittedly, this year was a little less special. Until this morning when my mom surprised me with a valentine just for me! Just look at the adorable necklace that my mom had made for me by a small wire-jewelry designer in San Francisco. It’s 14k gold wire and chain; delicate, sweet and adorned with a tiny heart. I don’t think I could love a necklace more.

Sorry for the terrible picture, blame my iPhone!

I have been secretly wanting a nameplate necklace for a few months now and leave it to my mom to read my mind and surprise me with one on my second favorite holiday! (4th of July will always take the cake for me, I am a sucker for fireworks) Every year since we were little my mom has made Valentine’s day magical. With little treats for my brother and me at the breakfast table before school and then amazing care packages in college, filled with things like Starbucks cards, a new nail polish shade and even a pink and red wine glass after I turned 21. And every time, the box was chock full of pink heart confetti and decorated all over the outside.  No matter if we were too young to have a valentine of our own, in puppy love or boycotting it entirely, it didn’t matter because mom was the best Valentine to have and she made it fun. Which is why my first Valentine will always be my favorite, my wonderful mom. Love you mama!

Mom and I at home in Chicago

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Getting Lucky on Valentine’s Day…

With my signature fortune cookie valentines, everyone gets lucky on V-Day! In high school I was reading an article in InStyle Mag all about creative valentines when I stumbled across these adorable fortune cookie Valentine’s treats. When I saw the steep price tag for a dozen cookies, I realized I could easily make these adorable gifts on my own and I’ve been giving them out as my Valentine’s gifts ever since. All you need is:

a box of plain fortune cookies

A bag of melting chocolate

I like to use Wilton’s Melting Chocolate available at your local Michael’s. For this batch I used a combo of white and milk chocolate. Follow the simple melting instructions on the bag and start dipping! Make sure to work quickly as the chocolate is best to work with when it’s hot. Also be careful to melt the chocolate discs little by little, if you burn the chocolate you have to dump it and start over! Then add some festive jimmies and voila…

an original and adorable Valentine!

This year I even slipped a personal fortune into each cookie and dipped pretzel rods just in case I ran out!

All in all, this makes for an easy and creative Valentine’s gift and requires minimal time to make! What’s your signature V-Day treat? Love you all and hope your Valentine’s Day has been a happy one! xoxo SS

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