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I love love.

Hi friends- I know it’s been a while but I thought in honor of V-day I’d bring back one of my favorite posts from a few years ago to help everyone keep the real meaning of Valentines Day in mind. xoxo, SS

Little known fact, Valentine’s Day is my second favorite holiday. I know what you’re thinking… what a sap, but if you really think about it, Valentine’s Day should be everyone’s favorite holiday! I hear you, bitter heartbroken women of the world, who have been crushed or let down in the past…NEWSFLASH: we’ve all been there! Everyone has trusted their heart to the wrong person before. It’s part of the human experience. But the truth is, whether you’re in love, out of love, looking for love or avoiding the hell out of it- love is out there and when it’s your time, you’re toast. Most of us wouldn’t be here without it and there’s no running from it. And if that doesn’t deserve respect, I don’t know what does.

The way I see it, you have a choice to make (you aforementioned bitter single women of the world). This Valentine’s Day you can dwell on the fact that you’re not “in love” with someone…or you can appreciate all of the wonderful things and people in this world that you do love. So what’s it gonna be? Do you want to be bitter and let a silly day on the calendar get you down? Or are you going to open your eyes to all the things in your life that love has brought you? Look at the love you have for your friends and your family. Look at the love between your parents or your grandparents…whether you like it or not, love is in your life. Don’t even try to tell me that you don’t love a particular pair of pumps in your closet, or a special piece of jewelry.

With that in mind, I say you take this day to appreciate all the little loves in your life. Because even if you haven’t found the love yet, at least you know it’s out there and you have living proof all around you. Now that seems like something celebrate…



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…okay, I know I have some ‘splainin’ to do about my lack of blogging the last couple of days (weeks?). But in my defense, I had a wonderful Christmas with my family that was delightfully technology-free. Except for the Kindle I surprised my mom with- she loves it. Suffice it to say, my gift to myself this year was “unplugging” for a little while, and it felt oh-so good. The good news is, after a week or-so sans writing, I’m simply bursting at the seams with things I can’t wait to share with you all!

…So why is it that all I can think about is JCrew’s new years arrivals? Oh, right. Because they’re adorable, per usual. Fitted fisherman sweaters, horizontal stripes and a slew of better-than-basics that are just begging me to click “Add To Bag.” Here are a few of my favorites:

Ripplestitch Sweater, $88.00

Jackie Pullover, $65.00

Toothpick Jean in Garment Dyed Twill, $108.00

How I have survived 23 years without pale pink pants is now a complete mystery to me. I can already feel my Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket.*

*I once had a yoga teacher that used the visual of “birds flying out of a nest” as a tool for clearing your mind. Well right now that would be a more appropriate representation of my wallet than my mind.

Plenty of Holiday stories and details on the gifts I can’t stop wearing, coming soon.



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obsession du jour

I want to be every part of this video. The style, her voice, those lips. I. Die.

If you haven’t heard Lana del Rey’s sexy, haunting music -or seen her for that matter- it’s time to start tuning in. Her music has been referred to as “porn for the blind” and it’s not hard to hear why on tracks like Mermaid Motel.

And yes, her lips are real. Roomie #2 proved it here.

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Why bitch when you can wine?

“Baggy Winecoat” from

Fact: Wine is the Diet Coke of alcohol. It just makes everything better.

Parents threatening to make you pay your own cell phone bill again? Wine.

Accidentally dried your new Citizens jeans? Wine.

Hungover from too much wine last night? Wine.

In fact, I believe that there are only two kinds of problems in life- wine problems and shrink problems. The “Wine or Shrink” rule stipulates a glass bottle of wine can solve 99.9% of all problems. So, if you think you have a .1 percent-er  on your hands, save yourself some time and get thee to the therapist. It’s just science.  Which is why I need this awesome wine-purse.

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Eff. N. O.

Fashion’s Night Out, commonly known as FNO, became more of an “EFF no” this morning when my day went downhill faster than Ben Affleck’s performance in Pearl Harbor.  With two parties to attend tonight, I had an early morning planned to allot plenty of time for prepping so I could go straight from work to the events. Those “day-night” pieces in People Style Watch are a sick joke. No one can go from work to a party simply by switching their cardigan for a blazer. Anyways, my perfect morning went as follows:

  • Up at 630
  • throw in the load of laundry I’ve been putting off, –laundry day underwear for FNO? I don’t think so
  • get in a quick work out
  • enjoy my coffee and a few minutes of the Today show
  • take refreshing shower leaving plenty of time to curl my hair and stow my outfit for tonight safely in a garment bag.

Totally doable, right? If you believe that, we obviously haven’t met.

First up, I sleep through my alarm. Okay, so I have one less hour, no big deal. Who doesn’t love starting their morning hand washing delicates in the bathroom sink? It builds character. And if I do squats while I curl my hair, I can totally count it as a work out. So all I have to do is rush through my shower, pack my things a little quicker and I’m still on time. Piece. of. cake. Cut to an hour later, me 15 minutes late for work, furiously doing lunges while I try not to burn myself with my curling iron, and warily attempt to maneuver a straw from my coffee to my mouth. Have you ever tried to drink coffee through a straw? I’ll stick to whitening my teeth, thanks. 

Late and flustered, I make it to work in one, mildly singed piece, 20 minutes after I’m supposed to arrive. I haven’t tried on tonight’s outfit for the zillionth, yet equally as crucial, time and I’ve forgotten the oh-so necessary safety pin that keeps my straps from going rogue. Note: If the dress is wont to pull a Tara Reid, put it back. No matter how good of a deal it is, that will always bother you. If you’re thinking, “you should just go get it tailored!” we really haven’t met. There’s a better chance of me growing wings than thinking that far ahead.

So things could be worse, but they could definitely better. Hopefully that completes the designated “shitty” part of my day and I won’t be racing against time tonight. I have a 5:30 lash/brow appointment at Benefit Boutique on Armitage with my awesome lash artist, Rae, (seriously she is THE BEST), and then I’m off to two parties. First at SAKS for a fete with Brian Atwood and my friends at Michigan Avenue magazine, and then to an event at The Shops At Northbridge with Chicago Magazine and the Chicago Blogger Network. It will be tight, but at least I don’t have to do more lunges.

Follow me @skatebord for pics and updates tonight! And I’ll breakdown tonight’s look and update you on cleavage-gate tomorrow.

xoxo Samantha

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Keeping up with the Hilfigers

click to watch the video

I am so over this cold weather. Sure it’s all snow angels and hot cocoa at first but when the mercury drops below zero, things aren’t so fun. Which is one of the reasons why I cannot stop watching this video from Tommy Hilfiger. The other reasons being the clothes, beautiful people and abundance of prep, of course. But seriously, nothing has made me want for warm weather more than this. Maybe if I watch it enough times I’ll get a tan by association? Oh and how exactly do I go about starting the process of adopting myself into this Hilfiger family?

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My mom is still my valentine <3

It’s no secret that I love Valentine’s Day (seen here) but with work and a new apartment to keep up with this year, I ran out of time to make my signature Valentine’s Fortune Cookies. So admittedly, this year was a little less special. Until this morning when my mom surprised me with a valentine just for me! Just look at the adorable necklace that my mom had made for me by a small wire-jewelry designer in San Francisco. It’s 14k gold wire and chain; delicate, sweet and adorned with a tiny heart. I don’t think I could love a necklace more.

Sorry for the terrible picture, blame my iPhone!

I have been secretly wanting a nameplate necklace for a few months now and leave it to my mom to read my mind and surprise me with one on my second favorite holiday! (4th of July will always take the cake for me, I am a sucker for fireworks) Every year since we were little my mom has made Valentine’s day magical. With little treats for my brother and me at the breakfast table before school and then amazing care packages in college, filled with things like Starbucks cards, a new nail polish shade and even a pink and red wine glass after I turned 21. And every time, the box was chock full of pink heart confetti and decorated all over the outside.  No matter if we were too young to have a valentine of our own, in puppy love or boycotting it entirely, it didn’t matter because mom was the best Valentine to have and she made it fun. Which is why my first Valentine will always be my favorite, my wonderful mom. Love you mama!

Mom and I at home in Chicago

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