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Keeping up with the Hilfigers

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I am so over this cold weather. Sure it’s all snow angels and hot cocoa at first but when the mercury drops below zero, things aren’t so fun. Which is one of the reasons why I cannot stop watching this video from Tommy Hilfiger. The other reasons being the clothes, beautiful people and abundance of prep, of course. But seriously, nothing has made me want for warm weather more than this. Maybe if I watch it enough times I’ll get a tan by association? Oh and how exactly do I go about starting the process of adopting myself into this Hilfiger family?


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My mom is still my valentine <3

It’s no secret that I love Valentine’s Day (seen here) but with work and a new apartment to keep up with this year, I ran out of time to make my signature Valentine’s Fortune Cookies. So admittedly, this year was a little less special. Until this morning when my mom surprised me with a valentine just for me! Just look at the adorable necklace that my mom had made for me by a small wire-jewelry designer in San Francisco. It’s 14k gold wire and chain; delicate, sweet and adorned with a tiny heart. I don’t think I could love a necklace more.

Sorry for the terrible picture, blame my iPhone!

I have been secretly wanting a nameplate necklace for a few months now and leave it to my mom to read my mind and surprise me with one on my second favorite holiday! (4th of July will always take the cake for me, I am a sucker for fireworks) Every year since we were little my mom has made Valentine’s day magical. With little treats for my brother and me at the breakfast table before school and then amazing care packages in college, filled with things like Starbucks cards, a new nail polish shade and even a pink and red wine glass after I turned 21. And every time, the box was chock full of pink heart confetti and decorated all over the outside.  No matter if we were too young to have a valentine of our own, in puppy love or boycotting it entirely, it didn’t matter because mom was the best Valentine to have and she made it fun. Which is why my first Valentine will always be my favorite, my wonderful mom. Love you mama!

Mom and I at home in Chicago

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Against my better judgement…

Sometimes I think my fashion taste forgets who I am and what I look like. Like today for instance, when I stumbled across these shoes in my salemail and “had to have them.”

Sure, they’re fly and I am a sucker for any and all metallics, but the fact that I felt like an idiot even typing the word “fly” just now, should confirm that I don’t have the street cred for these babies. And unless I run off to join America’s Best Dance Crew, I don’t see posessing that level of swagger  in my near or distant future. Of course, I know that if I did decide to go for it and order a pair, they would only end up sitting in my closet with all the other things I “swore” I’d wear. Poncho collection, camo capris and awkward button-up sweater vest, I’m lookin’ at you.

But still, even though I know better than to buy these, I want them. A feeling that is all too familiar.  In fact this is a trend that I can trace back to almost every part of my life, i.e. the pierced and tattooed guy that I convinced myself would wake up and get serious some day that only ended up stalking me, or the frat boy I tried so hard to will into the “perfect boyfriend” in college. It seems that all my life I want the things most that I know better than to commit to, which makes me wonder,

Whether it’s shoes or men, when it comes to the times we knew better, was it really just against our better judgement to like them or did we only like them because it was against our better judgement?

Well, even though I know better, I still love these sweet gold sneaks. So, who says I can’t pick out all the fun things I would wear with them? A little virtual dress up never hurt anyone…

Gryphon Moto Jacket

Basic White Tank

J Brand Gray Skinnies

Chanel Coco Cocoon Large Tote

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Chicago, I fell in love again.


If you read my series of Sin City Survival Tips last spring, you know that I’m a fan of “the series”…and not just of the Harry Potter variety. Well now that I’m finally back in my beloved city of Chicago full-time, I am constantly finding myself overwhelmed by all of the things I want to do in this city. It seems no matter the season, there is always something amazing going on here and I don’t want to miss any of it. I have been keeping a running list of Chicago “To-Do’s” on my desktop since October but it seems no matter how may things I check off, it keeps getting longer by the day. Which brings me to my exciting new series of posts:


…get it? I’ll be chronicling as I check things off my list and sharing all the best things I find to do, eat, watch, try and buy along the way. Oh and stay tuned for pics of my new apartment and decorating tips I picked up while putting it all together! Decorating on a budget like mine was quite the learning experience.

For now, enjoy one of my favorite songs about Chicago courtesy of Sufjan Stevens and a video I found on YouTube.

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Need This Now.

Brompton Hobo in Henna,

Swoon Alert: JCrew Spring 2011 is everything I could possibly want or need for my closet this Spring. In fact I took the liberty of circling my selections the entire catalog and leaving it on my parents’ kitchen counter for a rainy day where they feel like buying me things. A girl can dream, right? However, of all the gorgeous clothes, it’s their Brompton Hobo bag that has me hooked. Let’s go to the list…

Slouchy hobo shape? Check.

Doubles as a cross body bag? Check.

Rich tobacco leather? Check.

…let’s face it. This bag meets more of my personal criteria than my last boyfriend. Now if only my paycheck were as roomy as the bag. What accessory are you lusting after for Spring?

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Colorful Living a la Kate Spade

I am loving this quirky new video by Ely (eel-eye) Kim for Kate Spade almost as much as I love the campaign he created it for. Kate Spade is kicking off their year of “Living Colorfully” and I couldn’t be a bigger fan of the idea! If you live anywhere remotely cold right now, like I do, you’re probably surrounded by snowy skies, dreary cloud cover and dirty snowdrifts… a reality that has left me feeling all-around gray. And nothing helps chase away the “winter grays” like an unexpected punch of color in your life. Whether it’s a springy shade of blush or simply picking up a pair of  gloves that aren’t black on your next Target run, adding a little color to your life is a sure-fire way to brighten up more than just your wardrobe. So take it from me,or Ms. Spade, and remember that no matter the weather, live colorfully… and just maybe mother nature will follow suit.


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