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thank you TLC

…and just when I thought I was having a “meh” day, shared this visual TREAT from The “Learning” Channel. How convenient!

Check out this clip from their new show:

Virgin Diaries What NOT To Do At The Altar.

I’m sorry, it’s not funny, he clearly lost his cough drop. In her throat.

Well there’s definitely a lesson in this somewhere. Courtesy of the most educational place on tv, TLC.


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The Learning Channel

Lately Roomie #2 and I have developed an unhealthy obsession with TLC. You know, The “learning” channel? Or as I like to call it, BCTV -Birth Control Television. It only takes a few minutes of those Dugger people to make me want to opt out of a uterus all together. If I wanted a farm of people to work for me I’d pay them, not make them.

Enough Said.

Right now, our DVR is full of winners like All American Muslim, Hoarding: Buried Alive- it’s a classic– and our newest fave… Extreme Couponing. Seriously, have you seen this show? The couponers get so much for free that they build “stockpiles” of food and supplies, some big enough to support entire neighborhoods. We get it, you like getting shit for free, but we at the apartment are of the mindset that stockpiling something you don’t need, just because it’s free is gross. Single, child-less lady couponing for diapers, we’re lookin’ at you girl.  Although we’d probably be wayyy more interested if they were couponing for Crocodile Birkins. #differentstrokes

Hey guys, come look at all this stuff I can’t afford!

So in the spirit of the ever-educational “Learning Channel” here are a few gems of knowledge we’ve gleaned from our obsessive television consumption…

1. Extreme Couponers should really be titled “Hoarders: Before They Lose Control.”  We’ll see you in 5 years ladies.

2. The “sacrifices” that the moms on Toddlers&Tiaras make for their daughters are completely relatable. A new pageant dress or a visit to the dentist?? That one gets me every time too.

3.  All I want for Christmas is a tour of the props department on “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.”  Walls and walls of fake fetuses in toilets.

4. Polygamy on HBO = fabulous. Polygamy on TLC = stretchmarks. Apparently mormons don’t partake in Cocoa Butter either.

Happy Tuesday Friends

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