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Raise Your Weapon

Life Lesson of the Day:

You can never be too old to dance your ass off at a DJ show with your friends.*

*You may be be too old to accomplish anything productive the next day.

Deadmau5 @ The Aragon Ballroom

Post-Mau5 Group Shot

One thing that has noticeably changed after graduation is the amount of shows I get to see with my friends. Columbia, MO had the distinct honor of being the only city between St. Louis and Kansas City worth stopping in- which meant that nearly every artist or band going east or west through MO had a convenient one night stay. So, lucky Mizzou students like us had the opportunity to catch a good concert at least once a week, usually more. And, thanks to the box office in the campus bookstore, tickets could be conveniently student charged paid for with all the extra money you had lying around as an undergrad. Some of my personal highlights were Grizzly Bear, Surfer Blood, The Decemberists, Ghostland Observatory, Turbofruits, Bassnectar, the list goes on and on.

Cut to post-grad where we all work 5 days a week and concert tickets cost real money, which means when we can all get together and catch a great show it is an occasion. Which is exactly what happened this weekend at the Deadmau5 show at the Aragon Ballroom. Deadmau5 gave the BEST show of the 3 I’ve seen complete with a killer DJ set from Tommy Lee and sex bomb vocals fom Sofi. My only regret is that we missed the opening set from Feedme. Sure, I was a complete waste of space the entire next day, but who cares? We came. We raged. We paid for it the next day. At 23 I’m completely aware that everything costs something. And what could be more worth it than a kick ass time with my friends in the best city on earth? …I’ll give you a minute on that one.



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I wanna rock your gypsy soul

Listening to: “Into The Mystic” -Van Morrison

The rain clouds have finally parted over the skyline of Chicago revealing a sunny city, sizzling with the changing autumn leaves. For the first time, it feels like the midwest fall I know and love. If you’ve ever lived in a midwestern city like Chicago, you know that every season has a distinct energy -or lack of... ugh “spring,” how we love pretending you exist. 

Every year, when May rolls around and the sidewalks, bike paths and beaches fill with people and their uncanny amount of pets –seriously where do you people keep your farm of dogs all winter?– it seems as though the city has never felt more alive. And then October comes. Reluctant to let go of yet another amazing Chicago summer, but even more determined not to waste a second of tolerable weather before the inevitable hell of winter, you can count on Chicagoans to make the most of fall. I love seeing the college colors rolled out at every bar in Lincoln Park, drinking coffee as it was meant to be drank- hot, and having to check the weather before grabbing a jacket. But what I love most about this change of seasons, is compiling the motherload of fall playlists. Normally I would do this myself, but a friend of mine created an Autumn playlist on Spotify that is just too good to mess with.  And you lucky ducks can download it here! I’ve had Van Morrison’s Into The Mystic on repeat for days while I sip skinny caramel lattes and try not to spill on my favorite scarves. TGIFall.


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Chicago, I fell in love again.


If you read my series of Sin City Survival Tips last spring, you know that I’m a fan of “the series”…and not just of the Harry Potter variety. Well now that I’m finally back in my beloved city of Chicago full-time, I am constantly finding myself overwhelmed by all of the things I want to do in this city. It seems no matter the season, there is always something amazing going on here and I don’t want to miss any of it. I have been keeping a running list of Chicago “To-Do’s” on my desktop since October but it seems no matter how may things I check off, it keeps getting longer by the day. Which brings me to my exciting new series of posts:


…get it? I’ll be chronicling as I check things off my list and sharing all the best things I find to do, eat, watch, try and buy along the way. Oh and stay tuned for pics of my new apartment and decorating tips I picked up while putting it all together! Decorating on a budget like mine was quite the learning experience.

For now, enjoy one of my favorite songs about Chicago courtesy of Sufjan Stevens and a video I found on YouTube.

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