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How Pinterest-ing!

It’s official, I’m in an another addictive relationship with a website. I cannot get enough of Pinterest! I have literally found hundreds of great ideas and inspiration in a matter of days and now I’m like a monster for DIY.

Cut to me in 3 weeks, glitter in my hair, glue on my clothes and a special on TLC “Crafters. When DIY becomes D I E”

It’s true though, now all I want is a bajillion houses to decorate, boxes and boxes of specialty art supplies, and power tools, seriously. I am actually considering buying a drill. This shit is getting surriouss.

ANYWAYS! Follow Samantha Says on Pinterest here to see my latest inspirations and ever-expanding to-do list of DIY goodness. Have a great weekend!

xoxo, ss


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Holiday beauty tips!

Everyday in December, I am blogging a new Beauty Solution tip from AmazingCosmetics. So throughout the month I’ll be tossing some my favorites in here for all of you to check out too!

This weekend I posted a new tip that I picked up from my little sister over Thanksgiving, and I’m obsessing over it. As soon as this manicure wears off, I’ll be sure to try it out first hand and share with you all. So check out my beauty solution post from AmazingCosmetics fabulous beauty blog, AmazingLand

Holiday Makeup Tip #3

Saturday is my day to do all the little things I don’t have time for during the week, like making breakfast, reading my favorite fashion mags and painting my nails. So in honor of my saturday rituals today’s tip is all about nailpolish: How to polish your nails perfectly, in a hurry.

Even though I don’t have time to paint my nails during the week, I love to coordinate my nail polish to my outfits and going out with chipped nails is one of my biggest pet peeves. So, I often find myself doing quickie polish jobs before mid-week events. A last minute attempt that usually ends with just as much polish on my fingers as my nails. Until now!

To paint your nails in a hurry without getting a drop on your cuticles, simply start with chapstick! Apply a coat of chapstick on the skin surrounding your nail bed before you start to paint. The chapstick will keep any excess polish from soaking into the skin and your fabulous nail color will stay where it belongs. On your nails. Your cuticles will stay clean and your hands will look, well… polished!


Let me know if there’s a beauty question that’s been bugging you or a pesky problem you’d love a solution for. I’ll make sure to answer it for you in one of my posts this month ❤

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Getting Lucky on Valentine’s Day…

With my signature fortune cookie valentines, everyone gets lucky on V-Day! In high school I was reading an article in InStyle Mag all about creative valentines when I stumbled across these adorable fortune cookie Valentine’s treats. When I saw the steep price tag for a dozen cookies, I realized I could easily make these adorable gifts on my own and I’ve been giving them out as my Valentine’s gifts ever since. All you need is:

a box of plain fortune cookies

A bag of melting chocolate

I like to use Wilton’s Melting Chocolate available at your local Michael’s. For this batch I used a combo of white and milk chocolate. Follow the simple melting instructions on the bag and start dipping! Make sure to work quickly as the chocolate is best to work with when it’s hot. Also be careful to melt the chocolate discs little by little, if you burn the chocolate you have to dump it and start over! Then add some festive jimmies and voila…

an original and adorable Valentine!

This year I even slipped a personal fortune into each cookie and dipped pretzel rods just in case I ran out!

All in all, this makes for an easy and creative Valentine’s gift and requires minimal time to make! What’s your signature V-Day treat? Love you all and hope your Valentine’s Day has been a happy one! xoxo SS

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Allow Me to Propose a Toast…

I know it’s hard to believe with a fresh dusting of snow falling outside my window, but Spring is right around the corner and I’ve been searching for a way to usher in the new season with plenty of style.

In keeping up the theme of new beginnings and with Valentine’s Day practically minutes away, I decided to create my own little corner of the internet where I can share my loves in life. From fashion, beauty and DIY, to music, art and my on-going self-education in cooking, I’ll show you it all from my point of view. So, here’s to documenting my life in words, photos and music… a project I hope will be in full bloom by the time Spring is. Cheers everyone!


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