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Hello fabulous readers!

I know. I’ve been a negligent blogger. I’m sorry! –But I have a legitimate excuse! I am officially the new publicist for AmazingCosmetics *cue the celebration music and confetti please* and as part of my new position I am writing a daily blog for the company! You may have heard of us, we are the creators of the celebrity adored, AmazingConcealer (winner of the Allure Best in Beauty award for best concealer) and are available in your local Ulta and Sephora!  Now I promise I’ll be back soon… just as soon as I can adjust to my big-girl schedule and wake up early enough to post before I head into work!

But until then, visit the AmazingCosmetics blog for my tips on everything from beauty to wellness and the latest Hollywood buzz about AmazingCosmetics! …did I mention Ashley Greene’s makeup artist used the AmazingConcealer on her in Twilight Saga: Eclipse? …oh I didn’t? Silly me!

Don’t worry, I promise I’ll be back! I’m about to start the major project of redecorating my old room to make it feel more like a swanky boudoir than my high school bedroom …only fitting now that I’m a college graduate… so I’ll have lots of pics, tips and probably mishaps to share. Until then, check me out at

xoxo, Samantha


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Through the looking glass(es)

I have a confession to make, I have owned the same pair of eye glasses since my sophomore year… of highschool.  Cue silent judgement. Now before you jump to any purple, coke-bottle rimmed conclusions, they’re fairly classic black frames, that I usually only don for bedtime reading. However as any contact wearer will tell you, sometimes you just need a glasses day and it would be great to have a pair that I could wear in the daylight without feeling like Ugly Betty. So I’ve been hunting for cute frames online and so far these are my options:

I love this Dolce & Gabbana pair. A great twist on the classic rectangle frame updates this look a bit and the angles would be super flattering on a heart-shaped face.

Dolce & Gabbana Tortoise Frames $255

These Ray-Bans are a great example of classic rectangle frames which look great on an oval face shape. But after years of black frames I’m definitely looking to lighten it up a bit.

Ray-Ban Frames $159.95 @ LensCrafters

So I have it narrowed down to these two:

DKNY frames $169.95 @ Lens Crafters

I love the hint of robin’s egg blue paired with the deep tortoise shell on these frames! Just enough color too add a little fun to your frames without clashing with your ensemble.

Ralph Lauren frames $209.00 @ Lens Crafters

Two words: Ralph Lauren. Need I say more? Elegant yet fresh, I can’t get enough of this tan shade. But I worry, that it might blend a bit too much with my complexion.

Well, I’ll hit my local Lens Crafters and let you know what I decide… pictures to come soon!


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