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On My Mind: Graduation

More please!

The perfect cake for a happy-go-lucky graduation party …emphasis on the lucky for my fellow classmates looking for jobs! Check it out here: Rainbow Brite Desserts!


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Warm up with a Summer Salad

In an attempt to go through all of my produce before I leave on vacation (I hate wasting food!), I decided to make a big Summer Salad to keep for dinner all week. The beautiful thing about a “Summer Salad” is that there are no rules, your salad, your recipe. Similar to a Tabouleh salad, I always like to start with whole wheat cous cous to add substance, then add in a brightly colored mix of vegetables… or in this case all of the produce in my fridge, and finish with a light home-made balsamic dressing. Low in calories and high in resourcefulness, it’s perfect for a laidback dinner with the girls or as  side for a summer dinner soiree.

Here’s what I used:

1.5 c Cous Cous (dry)

2 large tomatoes ( I like to use a combo of cherry tomatoes and beefsteak)

1/2 of a red onion

1/4 head of purple cabbage

1/2 a bell pepper

7-8 asparagus spears (quickly sauteed with garlic)

2 c soybeans (steamed)

Add the cous cous to boiling water, remove from heat and stir until thick. Add to large salad bowl with chopped tomatoes, onions, cabbage, asparagus, pepper and soybeans. Dress to taste with about a cup each of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, plus garlic salt, sea salt, cracked pepper and parsley.

Note: The cous cous will soak up the liquid ingredients like a sponge so I like to add the oil and vinegar continuously while I add the veggies.

It only took about 15 minutes to prepare and the roomies loved it so much that my dinner-for the week turned into a dinner-for-8! Next time I’d love to add avocado and maybe some seeds or nuts, but this one definitely hit the spot! What would you add to your own Summer Salad?

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Ice Cream for Breakfast!

…okay so it’s not exactly ice cream, but my test is finally over (!!) and I can’t think of a better post-all-nighter reward than my favorite froyo! A frozen yogurt junkie and Berry Chill devotee -in true Chicago form- I was ecstatic when my little college town got its very own Yogoluv. My combo of choice is kiwi and graham cracker crumbles on top of the original tart yogurt… Cool, refreshing and just enough crunch-factor, hello breakfast.

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Getting Lucky on Valentine’s Day…

With my signature fortune cookie valentines, everyone gets lucky on V-Day! In high school I was reading an article in InStyle Mag all about creative valentines when I stumbled across these adorable fortune cookie Valentine’s treats. When I saw the steep price tag for a dozen cookies, I realized I could easily make these adorable gifts on my own and I’ve been giving them out as my Valentine’s gifts ever since. All you need is:

a box of plain fortune cookies

A bag of melting chocolate

I like to use Wilton’s Melting Chocolate available at your local Michael’s. For this batch I used a combo of white and milk chocolate. Follow the simple melting instructions on the bag and start dipping! Make sure to work quickly as the chocolate is best to work with when it’s hot. Also be careful to melt the chocolate discs little by little, if you burn the chocolate you have to dump it and start over! Then add some festive jimmies and voila…

an original and adorable Valentine!

This year I even slipped a personal fortune into each cookie and dipped pretzel rods just in case I ran out!

All in all, this makes for an easy and creative Valentine’s gift and requires minimal time to make! What’s your signature V-Day treat? Love you all and hope your Valentine’s Day has been a happy one! xoxo SS

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