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There’s no place like home!

So excited to be heading back to Chicago tomorrow! Time for an overdue hair cut with my fave stylist at Mario Tricoci and some well deserved mommy-daughter time! I can’t wait to see what’s new at mom’s shop, the studio, either. It’s been forever since I’ve been back! Even though I couldn’t imagine a busier weekend to leave town, there’s nothing like a trip home to prep you for a most productive week. The job search will be in full swing for me starting March 1st and I have lots of fun posts in the works for you on how to write an effective resume, what makes a great cover letter and even where to find appropriate yet personal stationery for thank you’s. Plus, we can’t cover finding the perfect job without including finding the perfect interview outfit! Lot’s more to come soon, but for now… I’m outta here!


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Keep your germs to yourself, please.

One week after my first round of tests and, no surprise here, I’m sick… I knew that all nighter would come back to get me. Anyways, there’s nothing less pleasant than feeling sneezy, weezy and groggy especially when you live with 3 other people! So today I’m saying: Keep your germs to yourself!! When you’re sick the last thing you want to think about is cleaning. But when you live with other people, you have to be conscious about spreading your germs! So here are some tips for being a considerate roomie while nursing yourself back to health.

1. Don’t leave tissues around. Everyone knows what goes in them and no one should have to touch it. Plus handling someone else’s used kleenex is the quickest way to catch their cold. So keep a left over grocery bag by your side and kindly dispose of all your tissues there. That way you’re not running to garbage every other minute and your roommate doesn’t have to deal with your trail of tissue.

2. Keep disinfecting spray at the ready. When you live in close quarters, odds are you and your roomie(s) touch a lot of the same things all day: doorknobs, tv remote, laptop, refrigerator handles etc. So throughout the day, spritz these common surfaces with some Lysol Disinfecting Spray. Lysol even has travel size spray to keep in your purse or backpack that’s perfect for spraying down surfaces on campus that are crawling with germs like keyboards and computer mouses.

3. Let in some fresh air! When you’re sick the whole world feels stuffy– and chances are your roommates feel the same way. So crack open a window and let some fresh air circulate for a bit. It’ll let the germs out and keep the room/apartment livable while you’re under the weather.

4. Make your bed your “rest-nest” I know no one likes to be cooped up in their bed while they’re sick but no roommate wants to sit on the couch that you have been hacking up a lung on all day….sorry it’s true. Instead, make your room a cozy little nook complete with candles, your favorite comfort movies, heating blanket, tea and all the OTC drugs you need.

Here’s what I’ve stocked in my room to keep me sane and comfy while I battle this cold:

Lavender Candles– my fave are from L’Occitane and even though I can’t smell them they keep the lighting tranquil and the air fresh!

Movies- stick to classics that won’t keep you too awake to dose off for some much-needed sleep. I’m watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Sex and the City and Mean Girls.

Humidifier– You can get a desktop humidifier at your local Target for cheap! Trust me, worth its weight in gold.


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Ice Cream for Breakfast!

…okay so it’s not exactly ice cream, but my test is finally over (!!) and I can’t think of a better post-all-nighter reward than my favorite froyo! A frozen yogurt junkie and Berry Chill devotee -in true Chicago form- I was ecstatic when my little college town got its very own Yogoluv. My combo of choice is kiwi and graham cracker crumbles on top of the original tart yogurt… Cool, refreshing and just enough crunch-factor, hello breakfast.

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Ahhh Caffeine

Hello 10 PM …how quickly you came today! I’m finally sitting down at the library to study for my exam tomorrow and while I should be thinking about Political Parties and Election Campaigns, my first priority whenever I begin an intense cram session is caffeine and some motivating tunes. When I listen to music while studying, there are very specific artists that I can indulge in without distracting myself too much. Some of my staples are Iron & Wine, John Mayer, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, White Stripes and my obsession Ben Taylor. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Mr. Taylor, he is indeed the son of the great James T. and while he’s a little less southern-fried than dear old dad, that smooth vibrato and comforting timbre definitely run in the family. Listening to a Ben Taylor song, or James for that matter, is like sitting back in your favorite chair. Easy to fall into and always how you like it. Now that I’ve got the tunes on lock-down time to start gulping down that liquid stamina… poison of choice: Speedball a la Kaldi’s on 9th st. 3 shots of espresso in a grande coffee is enough jolt to leave anyone bouncing off the bookshelves and hopefully just the trick to help me insta-learn about 100 years of party politics.

…well at least I have Ben.

Happy Studying Bookworms.


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Finding the silver lining

Not that I have time to be wasting, but Marchesa Fall 2010 is hardly a waste. Isn’t it nice to know that while your day is ugly, stressed and nowhere near over, there’s a magical place called Bryant Park where, while the stress level isn’t any lower, the surroundings are anything but ugly… call it finding the silver lining

New York Fashion Week: Marchesa Fall 2010.

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The under-groomed, over-worked, twitchy girl…

I am so stressed out. I am so stressed out that my stress is starting to manifest itself as nausea and a distracting eye twitch. Sounds hot right? Everyone wants to date the under-groomed, over-worked, twitchy girl. If stress levels were equated to homeland security threat levels, we’d be at “Look! There’s terrorists in your backyard!” RED. If my stress level was equated to sugar levels, I’d be in a diabetic coma for sure. Did I mention I’m stressed?

Between studying for a poly sci exam at 8am tomorrow, organizing all of the fundamental resources for my term paper -due tomorrow, and finalizing draft one of my campaign plan book- also due tomorrow, I’m desperately trying to liven up my resume for the Strategic Communication Career Fair which is, you guessed it, TOMORROW.

Newsflash: Not only is renovating your resume tedious, it’s boring, daunting, and seemingly never-ending.  So here are some tips that I’ve found useful for writing in general, especially for my resume, courtesy of my good friend Ernest Hemingway…

Ernest Hemingway’s Top 5 Tips For Writing Well | Copyblogger.

Also, I’m working on creating an independent online portfolio for my art and copy work, but so far all of the options I’ve seen are about as unique and interesting as a ham sandwich. Anyone have tips on how to make an attractive and effective online portfolio?


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Swoon for Thakoon

Oh how I love Fashion Week! Here are some of my favorites from Thakoon’s Fall 2010 Collection. I absolutely love his luxurious combinations of textures and the proportions of his separates. While I’m itching to get out of my winter tights (quite literally), they look simply delightful under cheeky, ruffled short-shorts. And the shoes! I think a pair of those “peek-a-booties” would fit perfectly in my closet and on my feet!

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