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Obsession Du Jour: Cinemagraphs

I came across these fascinating little gifs today when I was reading the blog of one of my favorite artists, Leigh Viner. Brainchild of the well known photography duo, Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, these moving moments in time have had me glued all day. See more of their enchanting Cinemagraphs here.



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Adventures in Photo pt. 2

Well I survived my first photo project, with exemplary marks I’m happy to announce, and now it’s on to project number two: Quality of Light. For this assignment we were instructed to find and capture interesting examples of light so I headed straight to my favorite field surrounded by a picturesque white picket fence. Here are a few that I’m considering for the select shot I turn in to my professor…

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Adventures in photo pt. 1

As a second semester senior I am the busiest I have ever been. Between two jobs, classes, my capstone project and this blog, finding free time is about as probable as growing wings. So when it came to selecting a journalism elective for my overloaded final semester, a sane person would have picked something easy with as little of a time commitment as possible. So it only makes sense that I would choose photojournalism–a class that takes up most of my free time and requires that I learn an entirely new skill. Live and learn I guess. So here are a few selects from my first photo assignment “Breaking the Ice” where I had to photograph ten strangers…enjoy


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