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The under-groomed, over-worked, twitchy girl…

I am so stressed out. I am so stressed out that my stress is starting to manifest itself as nausea and a distracting eye twitch. Sounds hot right? Everyone wants to date the under-groomed, over-worked, twitchy girl. If stress levels were equated to homeland security threat levels, we’d be at “Look! There’s terrorists in your backyard!” RED. If my stress level was equated to sugar levels, I’d be in a diabetic coma for sure. Did I mention I’m stressed?

Between studying for a poly sci exam at 8am tomorrow, organizing all of the fundamental resources for my term paper -due tomorrow, and finalizing draft one of my campaign plan book- also due tomorrow, I’m desperately trying to liven up my resume for the Strategic Communication Career Fair which is, you guessed it, TOMORROW.

Newsflash: Not only is renovating your resume tedious, it’s boring, daunting, and seemingly never-ending.  So here are some tips that I’ve found useful for writing in general, especially for my resume, courtesy of my good friend Ernest Hemingway…

Ernest Hemingway’s Top 5 Tips For Writing Well | Copyblogger.

Also, I’m working on creating an independent online portfolio for my art and copy work, but so far all of the options I’ve seen are about as unique and interesting as a ham sandwich. Anyone have tips on how to make an attractive and effective online portfolio?



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