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…okay, I know I have some ‘splainin’ to do about my lack of blogging the last couple of days (weeks?). But in my defense, I had a wonderful Christmas with my family that was delightfully technology-free. Except for the Kindle I surprised my mom with- she loves it. Suffice it to say, my gift to myself this year was “unplugging” for a little while, and it felt oh-so good. The good news is, after a week or-so sans writing, I’m simply bursting at the seams with things I can’t wait to share with you all!

…So why is it that all I can think about is JCrew’s new years arrivals? Oh, right. Because they’re adorable, per usual. Fitted fisherman sweaters, horizontal stripes and a slew of better-than-basics that are just begging me to click “Add To Bag.” Here are a few of my favorites:

Ripplestitch Sweater, $88.00

Jackie Pullover, $65.00

Toothpick Jean in Garment Dyed Twill, $108.00

How I have survived 23 years without pale pink pants is now a complete mystery to me. I can already feel my Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket.*

*I once had a yoga teacher that used the visual of “birds flying out of a nest” as a tool for clearing your mind. Well right now that would be a more appropriate representation of my wallet than my mind.

Plenty of Holiday stories and details on the gifts I can’t stop wearing, coming soon.




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More Beauty Solutions!

Today, I shared two great tips on AmazingCosmetics’ fabulous blog, AmazingLand, on how to rock lower-lash mascara without making a greasy, black mascara mess. Check out my post below!

Holiday Beauty Solutions 8 & 9: Luscious Lower Lashes

#8:  The 60′s are back in a big way and one of our favorite beauty trends from this era is bottom lash mascara. Frequently rocked by Blake Lively and practically trademarked by Kim Kardashian, this technique was originally made famous by Twiggy back in the 60′s and is still a great way to add drama to your eyes… but there’s a fine line between bottom lash mascara and an unruly black streak. In order to keep from looking like your ready to hit the football field, try this trick I picked up from Michele Phan. Take an index card and place it under your eye, lifting your eyelashes away from the skin, and apply the mascara to the lashes on the card. Now you can go mascara-crazy down there and no one will ever mistake your Twiggy for Tebow! If you want to get extra fancy, cut the end of the index card into a slight crescent shape (ala the curve of your under eye) to get a better contoured fit.

#9 If you are planning on wearing mascara on your bottom lashes, do the bottoms first! It may seem out of order, but in order to apply mascara to the bottom lashes, most of us have to look upwards. If you do this after you’ve applied mascara to the top lashes, your lashes will touch your lid and leave a smudge. It’s a super simple tip that has changed our mascara-wearing lives.

There you have it- two quick fixes for giving you lashes to lust over!

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obsession du jour

I want to be every part of this video. The style, her voice, those lips. I. Die.

If you haven’t heard Lana del Rey’s sexy, haunting music -or seen her for that matter- it’s time to start tuning in. Her music has been referred to as “porn for the blind” and it’s not hard to hear why on tracks like Mermaid Motel.

And yes, her lips are real. Roomie #2 proved it here.

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Holiday beauty tips!

Everyday in December, I am blogging a new Beauty Solution tip from AmazingCosmetics. So throughout the month I’ll be tossing some my favorites in here for all of you to check out too!

This weekend I posted a new tip that I picked up from my little sister over Thanksgiving, and I’m obsessing over it. As soon as this manicure wears off, I’ll be sure to try it out first hand and share with you all. So check out my beauty solution post from AmazingCosmetics fabulous beauty blog, AmazingLand

Holiday Makeup Tip #3

Saturday is my day to do all the little things I don’t have time for during the week, like making breakfast, reading my favorite fashion mags and painting my nails. So in honor of my saturday rituals today’s tip is all about nailpolish: How to polish your nails perfectly, in a hurry.

Even though I don’t have time to paint my nails during the week, I love to coordinate my nail polish to my outfits and going out with chipped nails is one of my biggest pet peeves. So, I often find myself doing quickie polish jobs before mid-week events. A last minute attempt that usually ends with just as much polish on my fingers as my nails. Until now!

To paint your nails in a hurry without getting a drop on your cuticles, simply start with chapstick! Apply a coat of chapstick on the skin surrounding your nail bed before you start to paint. The chapstick will keep any excess polish from soaking into the skin and your fabulous nail color will stay where it belongs. On your nails. Your cuticles will stay clean and your hands will look, well… polished!


Let me know if there’s a beauty question that’s been bugging you or a pesky problem you’d love a solution for. I’ll make sure to answer it for you in one of my posts this month ❤

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5 things

makeup free and ready for my close up... here goes nothing.

Today at work, we’re recording a series of video tutorials for SephoraTV and our website. We’re going for something a la Chanel and guess who gets to star in them??? This kid! I just love getting to try new things at work. Here’s 5 things I’ve learned in my day as a beauty host

1) Seeing yourself on video completely sans makeup is a humbling experience

2) My hands are bigger than my head. Or at least they look that way on camera.

3) Imagining you’re wrapped in big, fuzzy blanket in front of the fireplace creates the perfect ‘This primer feels SO good” expression.

4) The lighting in your office is the least flattering light you’ll ever be seen in. Ever.

5) I talk faster than the speed of sound. Today’s motto should be “good, now slow that down.”

More shooting to do, but I’ll make sure to post the videos here when I’ve finished editing them!

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